Airtime Packages

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Dial *111#OK
Choose an Airtime package you prefer and enjoy the tariff lower than the standard ones:

Bundle Price Price Per Minute
30 minute
5 lari 16.7 tetri
80 minute 10 lari 12.5 tetri
150 minute 15 lari 10 tetri
400 minute 30 lari 7.5 tetri
1000 minute 60 lari 6 tetri


- From purchased minutes you can call to Magti, Bali, Bani, Geocell, Beeline, Magti Fix and customers of any fixed-line networks of Georgia;
- The purchased minutes should be applied within 30 days. Upon the expiry of the 30 day-period the unused minutes shall be retained until the purchase of new airtime bundle.
The validity term is 7 days (after expiration of 7 days the units shall be canceled).
- Upon the minutes have been fully applied you can use the tariff effective prior to the purchasing of the bundle. Minutes can be purchased as frequently as you wish.

also please view package – "Simpe 25"

Please note that if you have a package activated, but, upon expiration fail to reactivate it, standard tariff shall apply:24 tetri per minute to any network of Georgia.

* You will not be able to use the purchased minutes while calling GlobalCell and SilkNet mobile network. While calling these networks standard tariff will apply (from your account).