internet packages

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The best conditions from the best network!
For the customers of Magti, Bali and Bani.

Dial *111#OK
Choose an internet package you prefer and enjoy the tariff lower than the standard ones:

3 lari 500 MB
5 lari 1000 MB
7 lari 2000 MB
10 lari 4000 MB
15 lari 6000 MB
30 lari 15000 MB
150 lari Unlimited

The term of usage of the purchased megabytes is 30 days.

After expiration of the term the remaining items shall be retained for 7 days until recurrent purchasing of the internet package.
After expiration of the 7 days’ term the remaining megabytes shall be canceled.

You can also purchase the package from portal

In order to choose the internet package, dial: *100 # OK on you mobile and purchase an internet package for you or your friend from the service menu.