The World of the Swiftest Connection

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From February 1, 2015 MagtiCom will offer you clients 4G/LTE.

LTE is a state-of-the–art technology, which is the 4th step in the evolution of mobile telecommunication, which is going to upgrade the communication of Magti, Bali and Bani subscribers making it even more comfortable.

What is 4G/LTE network?

What are the advantages of 4G/LTE network?

How to use the 4G/LTE network of MagtiCom?

Is your phone/SIM-card 4G/LTE network enabled?

If speed and quality is important for you – use 4G/LTE network of MagtiCom!
The World of the Swiftest Connection!

Enjoy the best conditions of 4G/LTE internet and choose your option