Unlimited internet: Online Package

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The subscribers of Magti, Bali and Bani are offered an online-package of unlimited internet.

Dial *117# OK
and choose the version you prefer:

Daily High-speed Internet Traffic* Daily Charge
10 MB 20 tetri
70 MB 50 tetri

* If you have fully used the daily high-speed internet traffic prior to the expiring of 24 hours, you shall be moved to the low-speed internet.

The speed depends on how heavily the network is loaded on a concrete spot in a concrete moment.

Terms of Using online Package:
  • the daily charge shall be deducted once in 24 hours;
  • If after expiration of 24 hours you will not have sufficient amount on your account the service shall be disconnected, but if you had purchased another internet package, you will be transferred to it (you will be able to use standard tariff internet service only after its activation).
    The service of online package shall be restored upon transferring sufficient amount to the balance account.
  • you can additionally purchase the same package (*117#OK) upon the expiring of the term of purchased unlimited internet service. In such case the megabytes shall be cumulated, and the usage term shall start from the moment of the latest purchase;
  • upon the expiring of 24 hours the unused megabytes shall be annulled.
  • the online package is possible to be activated together with other internet packages. In such case you shall primarily use the term of online package.
  • to annul the online package dial *117#OK.
    The annulling of the package shall mean the annulling of the unused megabytes.

Unlimited Internet
Unlimited Opportunities!