internet while roaming

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To purchase roaming internet packages dial *137#OK and follow the instructions, Or you can use portal

The tariffs for internet access while roaming are different,
although you can purchase the roaming Internet packages and use internet for much lower price.

Package Price Volume of Package
1-day package
term of use - 24 hours
5 lari 25 MB
2-week package
term of use - 14 days
10 lari 50 MB
1-month package
term of use - 24 days
25 lari 150MB
50 lari 500MB
75 lari 1000MB

  • If you do not purchase the roaming internet package, 1 MB shall cost 25 tetri with the abovementioned operators.
    The unused items shall be cancelled upon expiration of the usage term. Though, if before expiration of the term of the package you buy package with same term of use the items shall be accrued and the term shall be restarted.

At present using roaming internet packages is available in

Country Cell Operator
Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, Italy,
Great Britain, Ireland, Czech Republic, Greece,
Netherlands, Romania, Albania, Australia,
Ghana, Malta, New Zealand, South Africa,
Hungary, Portugal.
Azerbaijan Bakcell
Russia MTS
Armenia Vivacell
Israel CellCom
Belarus Velcom(MDC)
Austria Telekom A1
Danmark Telia
Lietuva Omnitel

- In order to use mobile internet while staying abroad, you need first to have the
standard roaming service (*133# OK) activated, or
service “Traveller”  ( *123# OK),
After that at any time upon necessity you can either activate or switch off the internet roaming service.

- In order to have uninterrupted internet access while roaming, please check the following parameters:
Data roaming must be activated; must be inserted in the APN field.

To check the balance while staying abroad use portal dial *111*1# OK on your mobile and follow the instructions. The service is free of charge.