12 Years in your Service

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It is 12 years since mobile communications company MagtiCom entered the telecommunications market of Georgia. The long race of the Company  was interesting as well as manifold with lots of problems and difficulties. However, the result was success and image of high quality and leadership.

The start was made in February 1996 when MagtiCom was promoted…

One and a half year later, September 22, 1997, the Company welcomed the first commercial subscribers in its GSM network.

In 1998 MagtiCom set out opening regional offices  throughout Georgia.

In 1998 the Company, first in Georgia, started to operate the 1900 MHz frequency band for GSM and commenced to publish its quarterly magazine "The World of Constant Connection".

In 2008, first time in Georgia, MagtiCom made double subscription SIM-card available for sale in its offices. The same year the Company became the first in Georgia to move to the prepayment system offering MONO-card as the simplest means of recharging mobile account.

MagtiCom took up leader's position in mobile internet offering WAP-based mobile internet services in 2001.

In 2002 the Company's corporative clients could already enjoy the first high-speed GPRS-based internet access.

2003 was the year when GSM signal covered all the stations of Tbilisi underground and MagtiCom's first promotional lottery took place.

In 2004 any of the Company's subscriber could use the GPRS-based MMS and WAP services as well as the high-speed GPRS internet.
2005 was the year of launching Bali, a second, teenager brand of MagtiCom which soon became the favorite means of communication for everybody. The same year MagtiCom started to design the 3G network and, as a result, in the summer of 2006 became the first company in Georgia to offer a number of UMTS-based services such as Video Call, Mobile TV and high-speed mobile internet.

In 2007 MagtiCom became the winner of the tender invited by the government of Georgia for constructing the united communications network for governmental structures (GGN). By the end of 2008 MagtiCom completed the layout of the network ahead of schedule as a result of which over 400 points of different agencies and Ministries were connected to GGN.

In 2008 the Company, having  exceeded the boundaries of mobile communication, designed the CDMA-450 network offering the population of Georgia fixed telecommunications and internet access via its new brand: Magti Fix.

In January 2009 the Company announced of the launching of HSDPA, 3.5G high-speed internet throughout Georgia. Due to EVDO the speed of Magti Fix internet access reached 3.1 Mbps.

As for the world-known BlackBerry Solution, it is already operating in MagtiCom in the test mode and will be launched one of these days. The Company also plans to offer cable optic fiber internet and cable IP TV.

During recent years MagtiCom was firmly established as the biggest company in Georgia both with respect to its contribution to the economy of the country and the number of its subscribers which now exceeds 2 million. MagtiCom is the first company in the history of independent Georgia having paid over 830 million Lari only by way of taxes, to the state budget all over the period of its existence.

The 12-year success and progression of the Company would be impossible if it were not for its loyal subscribers. We thank all those people who have been using our services during these 12 years and try our best to express our gratitude through offering new promos, high technologies and top-quality service. Since the very day of Company promotion we have tried to offer our mite to the advancement of our country.

Charitable projects and arrangements made by MagtiCom show the substantial contribution of the Company made to the education, health and social protection as well as to art, culture and sports of Georgia.

We have financed a number of charitable and entertaining projects like "Ana-Bana", "Jolly Starts" and "Academy of Stars" which became everybody's favorite and helped to discover a number of  talented young people.

We cannot but list some of  the most meaningful projects and arrangements financed by MagtiCom:

Sponsorship of Tbilisi Movie Festivals; support given to Sokhumi and Tumanishvili Theatres; financing of Art-Gene festival;  publishing of four-volume sets of works by Guram Dochanashvili, Jansug Charkviani and Guram Asatiani and works of Chabua Amirejibi in seven volumes; publishing of Irakli Parjiani's catalogue and staging of his personal exhibition as well as of children's exhibition and contest "Golden Palette".

In 2007 MagtiCom appeared as the patron of "Autumn Tbilisi", J. Kakhidze's international music festival as well as J. Kakhidze's regional charitable festival.

Over the time of several years MagtiCom exercised full sponsorship over Big-Band concert orchestra of Tbilisi Municipality and National Musical Center of Georgia.

2008 was the year of the start of working on "This is Georgia", a joint project of MagtiCom and Neostudio which is still in progress. This is a cycle of short-length films about different regions of Georgia where little stories are told in refined and original manner. We also took the initiative to introduce national Georgian traits in our trailers.

Starting from 2007 MagtiCom has been acting as a supporter of National Federation of Mountaineers.

In 2007 and 2008 international championships in aeronautics were held in Georgia under our aegis and sponsorship. The championship of Georgia in rugby and national championship in basketball are also associated with our name.

In 2002 and 2006 MagtiCom gave the football-fans in Georgia a chance to watch the live and uninterrupted broadcast World Cup football matches. The concert of Goran Bregoviç held in philharmonic concert hall of Tbilisi became spectacular event for the audience and its live broadcast delighted the whole Georgia.

We have rendered reiterated assistance to the  houses of orphans and children devoid of parent care, donated  personal computers to schools, universities and various institutions.

This is just a brief list of good deeds performed in MagtiCom which suggests the only possible conclusion: we are doing it for Georgia!