Bali Club

Join Bali Club and enjoy 100 MB, 30 minutes, and 100 SMS every month, free!

Additional Information

Bali Club members can also enjoy a special tariff:

  • 0 Tetri - on-net calls;
    5 Tetri - Geocell, Beeline, and land-line networks;
    Call set-up fee: 10 Tetri;
    After each 10 minutes of an uninterrupted call, 10 Tetri will be deducted from your account.
  • 24 Tetri to other networks in Georgia.


Tariff activation: 20 05 OK

Tariff activation onetime fee: 1

Tariff deactivation: 20 05 0 OK

Please note:

  • To be able to use the special tariff, a positive balance on your Lari account is required. Otherwise, you will be using other accounts and/or bonuses. Immediately after recharging your Bali Lari account, this tariff plan will be switched on.
  • While calling the MagtiCom network, Club bonuses will be used first. If you run out or do not having any bonuses, the tariff charging system will apply to your calls.

How to join the club?

  • If you are under the age of 27, you can join the club by presenting your ID at any sales office of Magti.
  • If you have not got your ID yet, a parent can help you to join the club by presenting his/her ID and your birth certificate at a Magti sales office.

Please note:

  • To receive a monthly gift, is it mandatory to spend a minimum of 3 Lari from your account in the previous month;
  • Of those 30 minutes gifted monthly, 15 minutes will be accrued on your # 02 account, and 15 minutes on your #07 account;
  • If you recharged your balance by only 1 Lari the previous month, you will receive a different number of bonuses: 15 minutes on your #02 account, 15 minutes on your #07 account, and 30 SMS.