Cocktail 30

Cocktail 30

09 / February / 2022

For more communication!

  • 3000 MB mobile internet
  • Unlimited minutes in Georgia
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS

Price: 30 Day/30

Activate the package from MyMagti APP
Or dial: 3030 OK

Additional Information
  • Unlimited calls can be made on Magti, Geocell/Silknet, Beeline, and fixed-line networks of Georgia;
  • Calls to other mobile networks of Georgia and on the numbers beginning with +99544: 24 Tetri per minute;
  • After expiration of the 30 day term, any leftover MB will be annulled;
  • SMS/MMS can be only sent to the local networks;
  • Unlimited minutes and SMS do not apply to special numbers;
  • Unlimited minutes do not apply to video calls;
  • If you already have an active Cocktail and you are activating another, the previous one and it's units will be annulled;
  • It is possible to top up the cocktail (to add units) anytime, from its activation until the expiration;
  • It is possible to top up the cocktail only with standard denominations of MB, MIN (except on-net minutes) and SMS packages;
  • Top up is possible only for the period that is left before the cocktail’s expiration;
  • Cocktail’s top up fee is determined according to the offer/discount set for a specific moment.