Faster internet

Add 3 Lari to subscriber service fee and increase speed of your internet by 10 mbps.

Additional Information
  • The offer is active for 20 or 30 mbps packages;
  • Increasing speed of internet is available several times (max 40 mbps);
  • To use the offer it is necessary 30 days to be passed from the day you have been switched into the network and you should have not changed the speed of internet to lower packages;
  • Switching on is available through 31.12.2021;
  • Offer limit – 360 days from switching on.

After activating “"Cocktail 25", "Cocktail 30" or "Cocktail 60" on optic internet contact number, subscribers using this offer will receive more speed – 50 mbps.

  • You will have 50 mbps internet while "Cocktail 25", "Cocktail 30" or "Cocktail 60" is active. After expiration of time you will be back to standard condition of offer (+10 mbps).