Faster internet

Add 3 Gel to subscriber service fee and increase speed of your internet by 10 mbps.

Additional Information
  • The offer is active for 30 mbps packages;
  • Increasing the internet speed is available twice (max 50 Mbps):
    +10 Mbps - subscription will increase by 3 GEL,
    +20 Mbps - subscription will increase by 5 GEL.
  • To use the offer 30 days must pass from the day you have been switched into the network and you should have not changed the speed of internet to lower packages;
  • The promotion is available through 30.11.2024;
  • Offer limit – 360 days from switching on;

After activating "Cocktail 30" or "Cocktail 60" on optic internet contact number, subscribers using this offer will receive more speed – 50 mbps.

  • You will have 50 mbps internet while "Cocktail 30" or "Cocktail 60" is active. After expiration of time you will be back to standard condition of offer (+10 mbps).