Bundle “Simple 10”

If you use Magti’s fiber-optic internet or IP television, you can create a group of 4 numbers and each of them will be able to use bundle “Simple 10”.

  • Unlimited calls to Magti mobile network
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS in Georgia
  • 500MB mobile internet

Package Price - 10 Gel.
Validity – 30 days

Number can be added from the MyMagti app
Numbers can be changed limitlessly.

Bundle activation:

Additional Information
  • If because of non-payment your fiber-optic internet or IP television is deactivated, the chosen numbers will not be able to activate bundle “Simple 10”;
  • After 30 days remaining MBs will be annulled.
    If, on expiration day, you activate the bundle for the second time or have an automatic reactivation enabled, remaining MBs will be summed.
  • This bundle does not include international SMS/MMS.
  • Bali users will be charged from Lari Account.