Money transfer

Add credit to the balance of your friends and family members directly from your mobile account.

Additional Information
  • Money transfer to:
    • Magti mobile networks: # the receiver’s 9-digit number # the amount due to transfer, OK
    • Bali accounts other than Lari: # the receiver’s 9-digit number # the amount due to transfer # the number of an appropriate account, OK
  • Service activation: 44300151 OK
  • Money transfer fee: 20 Tetri
  • Money from your account can be transferred any time, in any sequence, with a minimum of 1 Lari, and maximum of 10 Lari.
  • The receiver can receive money transferred only 5 times in 24 hours

For Magti Fix subscribers transferring/receiving money costs 15 Tetri.

Avoid unauthorized use of the service by activating a password.

To activate the service dial 44300151 # password, OK.

Money transfer combination: # receiver’s 9-digit number # amount due to transfer # password, OK.