Number Maintenance Service

Activate Number Maintenance Service and your number will be insured from termination for 180 days.

  • To activate the service type *180# ok.
  • Or via MyMagti app
  • Activation fee – 1 GEL.
Additional Information
  • In case of the service activation on a new number, service activation fee – 1 GEL will be charged from your balance. The next fee – 1 GEL will be charged on 181st day.
  • Existing numbers, which have already been charged with the number maintenance service fee, will not be charged for activation but will be charged in 180 days from their last charge.
  • If active and partly disconnected numbers have insufficient balance, the service fee will be deducted from it and the balance will become negative.
  • If a frozen number has this service activated and does not have sufficient funds on their balance (minimum 1 GEL), the service fee will not be charged and the number will get terminated.

Deactivtion - *181# ok