SMS/MMS service

SMS/MMS service is automatically activated on a number.

SMS service

  • SMS can be sent in Georgia (0.6 ) as well as abroad (0.24 );
  • When using Latin font one SMS includes at most 160 characters, and when using Georgian font at most 70 characters;
  • The character limit in an SMS depends on the language in which you are typing the text.
    Please, note that not only the number of letters is counted, but all also the characters (period, comma, space ...);
  • In case of exceeding the character limit, the appropriate number of SMS will be sent and accounted (e.g. in case of Latin font, SMS sent using 340 characters will be registered as 3 SMS - 160 + 160 + 20 = 340 characters);
  • Magti SMS center numbers are: +99599599999, +99599599997, +99599599998.

MMS service

MMS - Multimedia messaging service that can send pictures, graphic images, audio or video files, etc.

  • MMS can be sent/received only in Georgia;
  • In order to send or receive MMS, you need an active internet service and the Magti MMS settings in the phone menu.
    To receive the settings call: 4430003 OK
  • The size of the file to be sent/received via MMS depends on the specific mobile device and the file quality may be reduced;
  • When roaming, the value of MMS will be calculated according to the sent/received data – megabytes;
  • Some mobile device may convert large volumes of SMS messages into MMS.

MMS instruction for settings:


MENU > settings > Connections/More networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names
Name: magti
MMS Proxy:
MMS port:  9401
MCC: 282
MNC: 2


MENU > settings > messages > MMS messaging ON
MENU > settings > Cellular > Cellular Data > Network > MMS
APN: ან
MMS Proxy:
MMS UA Prof URL:  mms