SMS secretary

Find out who was trying to reach you while your phone was off.

  • Service activation: 443 63 937 OK

    Or via MyMagti app
  • Service 30-day fee: 1

Service types and corresponding activation codes:

  • Unconditional divert of all numbers: **21*533# OK
  • When you do not answer the phone: **61*533# OK
  • When your phone is busy: **67*533# OK
  • When your phone is either turned off or out of the coverage area: **62*533# OK
  • Deactivate all functions: ##002# OK

Service deactivation: 443 63 66 OK

Service fee is deducted from your balance automatically. The service will be suspended if you do not have sufficient funds on your account.

The service is valid even if your status is partly disconnected.
If you have been using the service since before 28.01.2016, the service will be valid only if you are an active subscriber.