Magti's 24-year history continues with a new logo

Magti's 24-year history continues with a new logo

22 / September / 2020

It has been 24 years since Magti started working for Georgia:

• Introducing the latest technologies;
• Creating communication services;
• Providing a reliable connection;
• Strengthening the country's economy.

Magti is celebrating its birthday today. The brand, focused on constant development and progress, continues its history with a new logo.

It has already been several years as Magti has gone beyond its traditional roots of mobile communications and offers full telecommunication services - mobile and fixed telephony, television and internet – to more than 3 million customers.

With the development of the company, the matter of the logo refinement has risen on the agenda. The cell in the logo as a symbol of mobile communications has changed the shape, adapted to a new reality and is presented in an updated form. Important features of the brand identity remain unchanged – Magti’s red color and the brand slogan "Connection with your world".

Logo modernization is a one piece of the overall changes to come, which includes updates to the product portfolio, modernized digital channels and renewed service offices. The refined model of Magti service becomes more agile, modern, interactive, and compatible with the new technologies and founded on close customer relations.

The new version of the Magti's website has become more comfortable and user-friendly with its exquisite visuals, flexible menu and simplified navigation.

MyMagti mobile app allows its users to easily manage various communication services: mobile telephony, fixed internet, IPTV. Moreover, soon it will also allow creating the desired product, a new feature that Magti will present in 2 weeks.

"I love Magti" - this is the name of the new song, which marks the beginning of Magti’s rebranding.