Bring a friend

Port over your friend to Magti’s mobile network and both of you will be able to use the promotion:

When you purchase a standard internet-package, the same amount will be deposited as a gift on your friends account and vice versa.

Service activation: *244# OK

Additional Information
This deal is viable for the following internet-packages
  • 1000 MB (5 GEL)
  • 3000 MB (9 GEL)
  • 5000 MB (12 GEL)
  • 20000 MB (30 GEL)
  • Unlimited (150 GEL)


  • You can enter the promotion until 30.06.2020;
  • Promotion validity – 90 days after its activation;
  • You can only enter one “friend” in the promotion. You can change the chosen “friend” unlimited times. In this case, you will get disconnected with the previous “friend” and get connected with the new one.
  • If your “friend” will not port over after 15 days since you have entered their number, the request will be annulled.
  • Validity of the gifted MB - 30 days (after the expiration dates MB will be annulled)