Newest technologies in Georgia for the first time – eSIM by Magti!

What is an eSIM?
eSIM (Embedded SIM) is a special microchip that is built-in a device and has a functionality of a classic SIM card.
You may use eSIM and a SIM card together, thus, having two active numbers simultaneously.

eSIM activation
Existing SIM card with eSIM may be changed either via website, or in any service centre.
To activate eSIM with a new number, visit Magti’s office, receive a one-time QR Code and activate eSIM on your device.

Price of eSIM

  • Connecting new customer number to the network with eSIM costs – 10;
  • For existing customers, SIM card change for eSIM costs – 10;
  • If eSIM is accidently deleted/damaged, eSIM change costs – 5.

Which mobile devices support eSIM?
The following devices, which were purchased at Apple’s official resellers, have eSIM support:
- iPhone XR
- iPhone XS
- iPhone XS MAX
- iPhone 11
- iPhone 11 Pro Max
- iPhone 11 Pro 
Other devices might also support eSIM,
however, you must verify it with the manufacturer.

For more details you may read this article:
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