Satellite TV

In January 2012, MagtiCom launched MagtiSat - the first operator of satellite television in Georgia and the South Caucasus.

The importance of satellite television:

The advantage of a satellite television broadcasting over cable is that it can cover any remote, difficult to access place which is a key factor in today's informative era. That is why launching satellite broadcasting is important to Georgia - any citizen of the country, including people in the regions who has not had the option of receiving a TV service until now, will be able to receive information and watch the programs of the world's most popular, high rating channels on their TV screens.

The advantages of satellite television:

  • Broadcasting from Astra 5B satellite, the signal covers the entire territory of Georgia;
  • Broadcasting is carried out with the observance of the highest technical standards;
  • Broadcasting is carried out in two formats: SD and HD, ensuring the highest quality of voice and image, and steady and uninterrupted broadcasting;
  • Customers enjoy a variety of choice in main and additional packages;
  • Installation/uninstallation and transportation process of the equipment is simple.

A lot of people all over the Georgia are already enjoying our satellite TV broadcasting. Join us!


30 Day

30 Day

30 Day

30 Day
Additional Information
  • Prices provided indicates a 30-day price of the package
  • HD channels on MagtiSat are temporarily unavailable. You will get the channels in SD quality.

We inform you that from 21.01.19 new rates will be started for Magtisat packages: “Start” Package – 19 gel, “medium” package – 29 gel.
Four new channels will be added to “Start” package: მაგთი ჰიტი, მაგთი კინო, ჩვენი მაგთი and Da vinci Learning. The channel “Кто Есть Кто” will be canceled.
Three new channels will added to “medium” package: Sony Turbo, Sony Entertainment and Da Vinci Learning. The channel “Кто Есть Кто” will be canceled.
Two new channels will be added to full Package: Sony Turbo and Sony Entertainment. The channels “Кто Есть Кто” and Hustler will be canceled.