Recharging options

For prepaid system subscribers:For postpaid system subscribers:
Paying service fee:In order keep the MagtiSat service, you should have the full cost of the package on your account until the expiry of the 30-day term Please note: If the sum placed on the account is less than the cost of the package upon expiry of the 30-day term, you will enjoy the service only as long as the sum placed in your account is sufficient.The accrued service debt should be paid by the 5th day of the following month (inclusive). If you fail to fully cover the debt by that time, the service will be interrupted on the 6th day thereof.
Renewing the service:The package will be activated immediately upon payment, for 30 days.If the equipment is in your temporary charge and you cover the debt by the end of the month, the MagtiSat service will be renewed without any need to pay the fine, but if the debt is not paid by the last day of the following month (inclusive), you will receive a fine 20% of the sum to be paid.
If the equipment is in your own possession, the service will be renewed upon your fully covering of the debt without the need to pay a fine.

Service charge may be paid:

  • Online, by using bank cards
  • Pay boxes
  • In bank service centers;
  • At any Magti sales office;
  • From any MagtiCom mobile number by using MONO-cards:
    Dial on your mobile: # code of MONO-card, 8-digit number of MagtiSat, OK
    or dial *111#OK, choose MagtiSat from the menu and follow the instructions.