Terms & Conditions

Upgrading/downgrading the package:You may upgrade/downgrade your package any time by calling the MagtiCom Hotline, through online chat, or by visiting one of the Magti sales offices.
Please note:
  • Downgrading the package (moving to a cheaper package) will be effected upon 30 days of MagtiSat activation or upon the last change of package.
  • Upgrading the package (increasing service package) will be effected within 24 hours upon application.
Pausing of the service:

Take the advantage of suspending a service for free

Terms of temporary pausing service:

  • Pause – 30 days / 3 GEL;
  • If you are using internet and IPTV as well, you are able to pause both of services or one of them.

Detailed terms

For activating temporary pausing service, call to our hotline from registered phone number.

Terminating the service:In case of termination of the service you must fully pay the debt (if any);
The service can be terminated by means of:
  • Calling the technical maintenance group (cost of the visit of technical maintenance group - 15 Lari)
  • Visiting Magti sales offices and submitting the equipment kit in full, if you have leased it;
Important information for service termination:
  • You must fully return the leased equipment kit; returning purchased equipment is optional.
  • The following fine will apply if the purchased equipment is not returned, is returned partially or is returned damaged: (see table below).

Terms of compensation for not returning device back or damaging it