Statistics and Detailed Statement

Statistics and Detailed Statement

18 / May / 2021

Wondering how much MB you spend?

Or how many minutes do you use?

By using Magti mobile application MyMagti you can receive mobile number statistics and detailed statement remotely, without going to the office.

After requesting statistics, you will easily be able to see the amount of money, minutes, SMS and internet spent on your mobile number or the amount deposited in the account.

If you request a detailed statement of the number, you will receive information about outgoing or incoming calls and SMS. The detailed statement fully reflects the time, duration and cost of the actions performed on the requested number.

MyMagti - Magti office on your smartphone!

Additional Information
  • Information about statistics is free;
  • The cost of a detailed statement of the number is - 1 ;
  • Detailed statement can be obtained only by the legal owner of the number, after identification in the application;
  • Only the last 30 days statistics and detailed statement can be obtained through the application. A longer term can be requested at any Magti office.