Additional TV for 10 Lari

If you are already a Magti IPTV subscriber, add additional TV for 10 Lari (instead of 15 Lari).

Additional Information
  • The offer is active in case:
    • You already have Magti internet and plan to add more than 2 (inclusive) IPTV;
    • You already have Magti internet and IPTV and add second or additional television.
  • For standard locations installation of the internet and IPTV is free of charge during the promotion period.
  • The promotion applies to orders submitted by 31.12.2021 inclusive.
  • Connecting to the network is available until 28.02.2022 inclusive.
  • The service applied only to retail customers;
  • The promotion is valid for 180 days after activation.

To get the service, please call

11 00 11 - from mobile networks
+995 32 217 00 00 - from any network
Calls from MAGTICOM network are free