Unlimited internet for the whole month

Unlimited internet for the whole month

29 / September / 2021

The main news of the anniversary month!
What you have been waiting for - unlimited internet for the whole month!

Activate the “Unlimited Internet Month”
And for 30 days surf freely in the vast world of the Internet!

Activation: * 220 # OK
Or with the app MyMagti
Price: 22 GEL

We have also continued 1-day and 1-week promotions until the end of October:

  • Unlimited Internet Week - 5
    * 157 # ok
  • Unlimited Internet Day & Night - 1
    * 243 # ok

Select the desired package and activate it easily
With the app MyMagti

Additional Information
  • After the package expires, you will stop receiving internet service. In order to use the standard internet tariff (1MB, 10 Tetri) please dial and *111#ok and follow the instructions.
  • If you purchase the package and there are MBs on your balance, they will not be annulled before the expiration of this package.
  • Unused MBs are stored for 7 days following expiry of the package term. After the 7 days, the units are annulled.
  • Bali subscribers will be charged from the Lari account.
  • You may activate the promotion through 28.10.21.
  • Latency < 400 ms.