Fair Use Policy

Present Fair Use Policy is designed with the view of protecting service quality, security and rights of MagtiCom/consumers and constitutes general code of conduct, every MagtiCom subscriber has to adhere within the scope of use of any offered services by MagtiCom.

First of all, every subscriber has to use service only for its personal use, personally and for legitimate purposes.

Acts described below shall be considered by us as an unfair use of services.

Following acts shall be considered as unfair use of service:

  • Without prior written permission from MagtiCom, use of services/SIM card for the purpose of organizing and holding of contact centers, lottery, voting, drawing, advertisement, contests, as well as for the purpose of marketing, tele-marketing and other commercial, non-personal use.
    For example: Sending abnormally large number of messages to addressees (bulk sms, spam), making unusually high volumes of texts/calls in a short space of time, sending unusually high volume of unsolicited texts, messages to abnormally large number of addressees, making calls or messages in automatic manner or making unsolicited calls/messages, including for the purpose of advertisement of any service or product;
  • Resale of service in any manner to third parties for the granting of right to use of services (for a fee or free of charge basis) resale of subscriber number;
  • Any of the following activities – Unauthorized access to the network, traffic redirection, generating artificially inflated traffic, automatic call generation/calling, call transit/forwarding, persistent call forwarding, making calls with special devices, gateways (including SIM-boxes) making multiple calls at the same time, changing subscriber number/IP address, cloning of SIM cards;
  • Sending spam, illegal content, computer viruses, fraudulent programs or malware, making multiple attempts for the purposes of activation of prepayment cards;
  • Use of services in violation of privacy, in breach of peace of third parties or for any acts which is involving threat, causing material damage, defamatory, insulting or for any illegal acts or for causing harm to third parties or to MagtiCom;
  • Use of services fraudulently or for other unlawful purposes;
  • Access to technological elements (aggregates), software, data bases and unauthorized entry to internet resources or unauthorized access to MagtiCom infrastructure resources, including for the purposes of collecting, modifying, erasing or copying of data;
  • Retransmission and public transmission in broadcasting transit. Recording, making a copy and any use of service for the revenue generating purposes.

Provision of service shall be suspended without prior notice if you breach any of these rules or MagtiCom has reasonable suspicions that you breach present rules. Provision of service shall be resumed, upon the remedy of the breach and your request within 15 days from the suspension. If the rules are breached again and your

agreement does not provide for otherwise, agreement concluded between MagtiCom and you shall be terminated and service shall be ceased. Terms of payment of damages are stipulated by the agreement.

In addition, for the purposes of protecting the security of communications network and unimpeded provision of service to other subscribers, in the event of reasonable suspicions relating to the breach of present rules, MagtiCom shall have the right to lay down certain restrictions on the duration of outgoing/incoming calls and volumes, the number of sent/received messages, traffic in general and completely and partially disconnect customer from the network or reduce or restrict internet communication traffic.

For the breach of present rules service agreement may provide as well for other measures and liability.