Make a complaint

If you believe that your user rights have been violated, you may send a written complaint or make a complaint verbally.

Your complaint will be reviewed under MagtiCom's “Customer complaint review department regulations” and you will be notified of the decision within 15 calendar days. For your complaint to be reviewed, it must contain the following:
1. Full name of the complainant, national identification number, address, contact number/e-mail, mailing address, and date;
2. Subscriber number (UID);
3. Subject of the complaint;
4. Circumstances of the complaint.

You may send the complaints to the following email -
Also, you may submit it at any MagtiCom service office.
A verbal complaint can be made by calling the hotline.

For more information, contact us on the following numbers: 0322170000 or 110011 (calls from the MagtiCom network are free).