Terms & Conditions

Counting the calls:
Calls are registered and calculated accurately within 1 second. Maximal duration of one call is 30 minutes.


Number service Fee

  • In case of a positive balance on the account number will be active, receiving service without any restrictions.
  • In case of no positive balance on the account, the number will be partly disconnected and incoming calls and SMS guaranteed during 150 days;
  • On the 151th day after partial disconnection the number will be disconnected and after 30 days (if account will not be recharged) the number will be cancelled.
  • Number service fee for 180 days - 1 GEL.
The amount will automatically be deducted from the number account.
The service fees cannot be deducted if the number is bilaterally disconnected, after which the number will be disconnected according to the rules described above.


ServicePrices (including VAT)
Connecting to the network:Promotion terms:
SIM-Card – 3 Lari;
1 Lari is returned on your account;
Tariff plan “Zero+” can be activated for free for 30 days upon desire.

Returned 1 Lari can be used for calls, SMS, and data. Please, note YOU CANNOT WITHDRAW this amount from your account.

Standard price:
SIM-Card – 5 Lari
Dual SIM-Card – 10 Lari
Upon joining a network, the following services are activated on the new SIM-Card:Incoming and outgoing local calls
Incoming and outgoing international calls
Incoming and outgoing SMS
Call divert service
Internet service
Changing a SIM-Card:
SIM-Card:3 Lari
Dual SIM-Card:10 Lari
Number related tariffs:
Change of number3 Lari
Change of ownership3 Lari
Self-suspension of number:Please, follow the link
Other tariffs
Checking a balance:by dialing 444: 2 Tetri each call
by dialing *111*1#: Free of charge