Terms of service for fiber-optic Internet and IPTV

Installation terms of fiber-optic Internet and IPTV

To check whether it is possible to install Internet and IPTV at your address, call us at 110011 or 0322170000 (calls from MagtiCom network are free).

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  • Promotion: Free installation (Until 30.11.2024)

Installation terms:

  • Installation of fiber-optic internet – 50
  • Installation of two services, fiber optic internet and IPTV – 80
  • Installation of two services, fiber optic internet and VoIP – 80
  • Installation of three services, fiber optic internet, IPTV and VoIP – 120
  • Cost of adding IPTV service – 50
  • Cost of adding VoIP service – 50
    IPTV and VoIP services cannot be installed without fiber-optic internet service.
  • Installation of each additional TV box - 50 (promotion: free installation).
  • Installation of each additional VoIP phone - 50 (promotion: free installation).
  • Monthly subscription fee for an additional TV box:
    For users of "Georgian" package - 10 GEL / 30 days;
    For users of "Regional", "Basic" and "Full" packages - 15 GEL / 30 days

When placing an order, the receiver set is provided to you for temporary use.

If the service is terminated for any reason, you must return the equipment provided to you for temporary use within 75 days. Otherwise, unless 3 years have been passed since the service equipment was handed to you, you will be charged with a compensation fee. Please, view the Hardware Non-Return/Damage Compensation Terms.

You may also view the full list of equipment.
If you have purchased a decoder (for 199 Lari), you get 8 Lari discount on TV packages;

Changing a package:

You may change a package via MyMagti app, or by calling the hotline.
When changing a package or activating an additional package, you may return to a lower package or cancel the additional package only after 30 calendar days.

TV remote control:
  • The cost of a new remote control - 15
  • The cost of a used remote control - 5

Warranty period - 30 calendar days (it is mandatory to provide a visually intact remote control).

Cancellation policy

Active - from full monthly subscription payment until the balance is exhausted;

Disabled due to non-payment - during 45 days after the balance is exhausted.
When renewing the service, the reactivation fee will apply;

Deactivated - 45 days after the balance is exhausted;

Credit - When the balance is exhausted you may still use the service by activating the credit within 10 days;

Partial payment - Before the disabling date, top up the balance by any amount and the disabling date will be rescheduled proportionally.

Service reactivation

გIf the service is disabled due to non-payment, reactivation fee will apply when renewing the service. Reactivation fee is 5 and the following discounts apply:

Reactivation time after disablement1 Day2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6 Days7 Days8 Days9 Days10 Days
Reactivation fee0,5 1 1,5 2 2,5 3 3,5 4 4,5 5
The Contact Number

The mobile number indicated during the order (or later) is considered as the "Contact Number".
The company sends important information, such as signature and activation codes (used for making changes on the TV portal and for registration in the MyMagti app), financial and informational messages to the “Contact Number” via SMS.
The company perceives the “Contact Number” to be an identifier of the subscriber; therefore, it has a right to make various changes without the assistance of the operator, such as altering the tariff, canceling the services, activating the credit, etc.

Real IP:

The cost of Real IP service is 20 (30 days).
This fee is added to the main subscription fee.

These Terms and Conditions apply to individuals; different terms apply if the recipient of the service is a legal entity or the property is used for commercial purposes.

Payment without extra commission

You may pay without any extra commissions via Magti's website, MyMagti app or the service offices. Payment is also possible:

  • With fast payment machines
  • Internet and mobile banking
  • By bank transfer

The service will be restored within a maximum of 30 minutes after a payment is made.
The payment service providers set the terms and commissions for top up.

Temporary suspension of the service - Via MyMagti app you may suspend the service for the desired period.
Cost of the service: 30 days – 3;

Seasonal service - If the service is needed seasonally (e.g summerhouse), thus you use the service only at certain times of the year (for less than 4 months continuously), it is possible to suspend the service for a certain period without triggering the standard termination policy. When renewing the service, in addition to the subscription fee, you will be charged with the reactivation fee. If the service is reactivated within the first 150 calendars days after the suspension of the Internet/IPTV service, then the reactivation fee including VAT is 10; however, if the service is reactivated in the following 210 calendar days, then additional charge of 5 will apply.

Paid service

Rewiring per subscriber’s request - 20

These conditions and tariffs apply to individuals. If the service is provided to a legal entity or the area is used for commercial purposes different tariffs will apply.
The above-mentioned rates apply in standard cases. In atypical cases, rates are negotiated individually depending on the complexity and other factors.

If the service activates a legal entity or the distribution area of the service is for commercial purposes, separate conditions apply.


You may use any device to obtain the service (computer, tablet, WiFi device, etc.). The equipment must be imported from a country whose technical regulations are allowed to operate in Georgia and has the documents certifying the conformity assessment provided by the legislation of that country and has a CE mark.

To obtain the Internet or IPTV service, it is mandatory to use only Magticom’s equipment: in the case of the Internet - ONT (optical network terminal), to connect IPTV- STB (TV decoder).

FTTB network interface and other technical features

Minimum technical requirements for a switch:
Standards and Protocols: 10BASE-T(IEEE 802.3i), 100BASE-TX(IEEE 802.3u)
Interface: 2x 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation RJ45 ports supporting Auto-MDI/MDIX IPTV Functions: IGMP Snooping

Minimum technical requirements for the router:
Standards and Protocols: 10BASE-T(IEEE 802.3i), 100BASE-TX(IEEE 802.3u)
Interface: 2x 10/100Mbps Auto-Negotiation RJ45 ports supporting Auto-MDI/MDIX WAN Types: Dynamic IP
Functions: DHCP, NAT
IPTV Functions: Bridge, IGMP Snooping