Friends and Family

Create a group of five members and enjoy the most favorable tariff on Magti Fix!

Additional Information
  • Activation code: 443900, free of charge.
  • Select 5 numbers of Magti, Bani, and/or Bali and communicate with them at 5 Tetri per minute.
  • They will also call you for 5 Tetri per minute.
  • These terms are only available for prepaying subscribers of Magti Fix.
  • You can use the service Friends and Family within one year of selecting the initial number.

How to select the "five"

  • To select each number, dial 443 90 1 on a Magti Fix phone set, then the 9-digits of the chosen subscriber of Magti, Bani or Bali;
  • Selection of the number is free of charge.

How to replace the number in the "five"

  • Dial 443 902 on your Magti Fix phone set, the 9-digit number to be replaced, the substitute number;
  • You can replace the number at any time;
  • Cost of replacing a number: 1

If you would like to recollect selected numbers

Dial 443 903 on your Magti Fix phone set, and listen to the instructions