Magti Fix service

10 / March / 2021

As the outdated technology of Magti Fix no longer allows to maintain the service.

In exchange for this service, for 1 year, we offer mobile services the special tariff "Unlimited" - unlimited calls from any Magti number to any Magti mobile network subscriber.

Tariff "Unlimited" costs 3 GEL.
Validity period - 30 days.

Tariff "Unlimited" can be activated on your existing Magti number, or you can get a new number for free and activate "Unlimited".

In order to activate, contact the hotline (110011 or 0322170000), or visit any Magti service office.

Tariff activation is possible for one year from avtivation;
With one terminated Magti Fix device it is possible to activate the tariff "Unlimited" only on one number.