Wonder Days

Wonder Days

15 / October / 2021

#WonderDays continues at Magti!

On 20th of October:

  • Wonder Cocktail:
    4 000 MB + 150 MIN - 9
  • 7 000 MB - 8
  • 300 MIN (in Georgia) - 8

Validity - 30 Days

Activation - *288# OK
Or via MyMagti app

Additional Information
  • Unlimited calls can be made on Magti, Geocell/Silknet, Beeline, and fixed-line networks of Georgia (exception being the numbers beginning with: +99544XXXXXXX);
  • The minutes purchased with this package are not applicable for video calls, international destinations, special numbers;
  • If you activate the package and do not continue it after the expiration date, you will call with the standard tariff: minute - 24 Tetri on any network in Georgia (or any other tariff that subscriber has active);
  • Validity of the package is 30 days, afterwards any remaining units will be annulled;
  • If you purchase the offer more than once a day, units will accumulate and their validity will be 30 days (720 hours) from the last activation. Exception Wonder Cocktails - purchased units of a Cocktail package are not summed;
  • If you already have an active Cocktail and you are activating another, the previous one and it's units will be annulled;
  • The units purchased with this offer will not accumulate with the standard internet or minute packages. The validity date of standard MB or Minutes will not be altered;
  • Subscribers of Bali will be charged from their Lari accounts;
  • Mobile Internet: latency <400 milliseconds;
  • Usage of the package will be restricted if the subscriber violates our “Fair Use Policy“.