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THE WORLD OF CONSTANT CONNECTION // 2(90)2021                After Magti’s rebranding in 2020, the MyMagti
                                                             application was overhauled and upgraded.
2020‫ڌڎڍ ڕڎڢڛڒڌ ږڒڍ ږڎ ښ ڋڎښڛڒڑ ڌڊڕڛڔڎڦ‬      The new visuals, design, menu, functions, and
‫ڊڒڤڊړڒ ڔژڊ‬MyMagti‫ڊڍڔڨڊ ږڊڌڍڊڔڝښڛ‬                simplified format and navigation have furthered
‫ږڝڞڕڝڒږڎڕڊڕ ږڒڊ ڐڒڍڊڕ ڔڊڝ ڐڒڏڊڕ ڔڊڨڊ‬    MyMagti’s flexibility, comfort, and ease of use for
‫ڊڍڊڕڜڊ ڕښڗڞڊڕڔڝ ڋڎ ڏڒ ڜښڊڕڊڌڊ ڕ ڋ ڎڒ ڤڟ‬  customers.
‫ڕ ڊڒ ڤڊ ڌڒڏڊږ‬MyMagti‫ڛڒ ڏڑڛڒ ڔ ڋڎښڊڕڨڕڗڕ‬
‫ڊڍڒڔڝ ڜښڗڞڕڗړڒڔڒ ږڟڗڕڗ ښڞڝڏڎ ڍڒړ‬             Today, MyMagti’s face fits perfectly to serve
‫ڊڍڊ ڨڊڌڒ ڔڎڋڎ ڨښڎڨڊڛڗڕ‬                            the Magti Office function in our smartphones,
                                                            allowing for managing various communications
‫ڛڎ ڠڍ‬MyMagti‫ڛڋڎڔڝښڛڊڍڊ ڔڒ ڞڗڡڔڝښڛ‬                 services with incredible ease, such as mobile
‫ڊڍڛ ڊڒ ڤڟږڝڞڛڒ ڛڒڞڗڛڒڑ ڌڊڕڒڢږڗڞ ڜښڊڕڛ‬       telephony, fixed wireless internet, and IP and
‫૶ڛڒ ڛڒ ڏ ښڎڛڗڒڤڊړڒږڝڕڗ ړڊڛڊڏڨ ڛڊ ڍڊڏڨڛڛڒ‬   satellite television.
‫ڒڔڝ ڋڎښڒ ڛ ڟڒڞڛڒڒږڗڞڎ ڔڎڜڒښڝ ڔڒڋڗڕ‬
‫ڛڒڜڎ ږښڎڜږڒ‬IP‫ڒڏڎ ڔڎڜڒښڝڜڒڔڎ ڜڊڛڊڍ‬            MyMagti is the simplest way to enjoy services —
‫ڥڒڛڊڋڎ ڔڊڝ ڢڊڛڛڒ ڏ ڑ ښڊڕڍڊ ڏڒ ڜښڊڕ૶ڛڒڒڐ‬     any time, any place. Without leaving home, it is
‫ڊڏڎڔ‬                                                       possible to:

MyMagti‫ڒ ښڎڒڕ ڛڒ ڋڎږڊڍڛڗښڍښڎڒڕ ڛڒ ڋڎږ‬          Check balances
‫ښڊڕڝڛڒ ڋڎ ڠڒڕڛڒ ڋڎښڝڨڊڛڕڗڕږڊڍڒ ڔڒ ڌڍڊ‬
‫ڍڊڔڎ ڔڏڛ ڝڊڌږڊڍڒڔ ڨڊڛڊڊڐڌڒ ڛڎ ڏڒڜ‬b‫ڎڢ‬          With just one click, this application enables you
‫ڊڒ ڔڎڋڎڔڥڊڛ‬                                             to look over your own or your family members’
                                                             accounts, those added to the application.

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