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‫ڛڒڛ ږڊڔڊڋ‬b‫ڊڋڎڕڦڗڕڎڢ‬                                       Top up accounts

‫ڒڑڎڐړڊ ڔڒڠڑڏڎڔ ڥڊڌڛڊڋڎ ڔڊڝ ڢڊڛڊڒڤڊړڒ ڔ ژڊ‬       Thanks to the application, you can — again,
‫ڊڑڝړڊڛڤښڗڌڗښڑڗ ڕڦڗ ڕ ڊڎڢڑڒ ښڎ ڧڊڍڒ ڑښڎڛڒڑ‬          whenever you please, wherever you please
‫ڒ ښڊڌږڊڛڒ ڋڎ ښ ڏڎڦڛڒ ڨڊکڗڝڑڊڛڒ ڔڋڗ ڔڨڊڎڛڒڒښ‬      — recharge your own cell phone balance or
‫ڑڏ ڟڊڌڒڔڝڋڎڜڊ ڕڊڍڤڒ ڋڎښڕڗږڒ ڛڒڏڒ ڑڊڕ૶ڒ ڋڎڢ‬      that of your family members included in the
‫ڒ ڢ ڊڒڤڊړڒ ڔژڊ‬                                               application. To do that, you no longer have
                                                                   to look for a paybox and waste your time and
‫ڊڋڎڛڏڎڢڛڒڢڒ ښڊڌ ږڊ‬                                        resources, especially valuable commodities
                                                                   nowadays. All you need is a cell phone with
‫ڊڍ ڛڗښڍښڎڒڕ ڛڒ ڋڎږڑڒڋڎ ڔڊڝڢڊڛڛ ڒڒڤڊړڒ ڔ ژڊ‬      the MyMagti application installed.
‫ڑڗ ڛ ڏ ڊڎڢڑڊڒڔ ڥڒ ڌڎڢږڊڍڒ ڔڒ ڌڍڊڒ ښڎڒڕ ڛڒڋڎږ‬
‫ڒ ڔژڊڎڛڒڒ ڢڒ ښڊ ڌږڊڛڒښ ڕڗږڒ ښڊڑڝړڊڛڤښڗ ڌڗښ‬        Pay with plastic
‫ڎڦڛڒ ڨڊکڗڝڑڛڒڋڎ ڔڋڗڔڨڊڒڔڝڋڎڜڊ ڕڊڍڒ ڢ ڊڒڤڊړ‬
‫ڛڒښڊښڊڠڊڛڒ ڏڑ ڛڒڕڊڒڛږڊ ڔڊڋڛڒ ڋڎښ ڕڗږڛڒ ڋڎ ښڏ‬     The application enables you to pay with Visa,
‫ڛڎڠڍڊڍڊ ږ ڋڎڥڛڒڋڎ ڜڊ ښڊژڊڛڒڍ ڨڊ ڍڊڌڗ ښڒڧڊڛ‬         MasterCard, or American Express. Now that
‫ڛڒ ڛښڝ ڛڎښڊڍڊ ڛ ڒڗښڍڒڔڝ ڋڎ ښڒڠڑڒ ڋڎ ښڑڝړڊڛ ږڊڌ‬  the pace of life is growing ever faster, time
‫ ڛڊڕڊڍڒږڗڞڎ ڔڎڜڑڎڍ ږڗڟڌڊڒ ڛڒښڊڕ ړڊڛڊڏ کښڊڨ‬     is of the essence and every minute counts,
‫ڊڒڤڊړڒ ڔژڊڒ ڔڒ ښڎڦڗ ڕ ڍڊڌڒڢ‬MyMagti.                    MagtiCom is doing its best to make each
                                                                   transaction as simple and user-friendly as
‫ڊڍڨڊڍڊڌڑڒ ڑڊښڊڋ‬                                             possible. Transactions with saved cards are
                                                                   now even easier, more flexible. Just click the
‫ڑڗڍڊ ڨ ڒڊ ڍڊڌڑڏڎڔ ڥڊڌڛڊڋڎ ڔڊڝ ڢڊڛڊڒڤڊړڒ ڔ ژڊ‬     Save Card option after a bank transaction
9LVD‫ڛ‬0DVWHU&DUG‫ڊڍڛڒ‬American Exspress‫ڛڒ‬                     to make paying with plastic faster and more
‫ڒژ ڕڎڜڛڒ ڋڎ ښڏڗڨڤڤڊ ڛڎ ڍڗښڛڎڠڍڑڒ ڋڎ ڑڊ ښڊڋ‬        efficient in the future.

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